Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania Federal Censuses 1790-1850


  • Plastic comb binding
  • 165 pages
  • Price includes postage and handling.
    • Essential for genealogical research in Albany Township
    • General Census data from 1790 to 1850
    • 1820 Census of Manufactures
    • 1850 Mortality, Agriculture and Industry Schedules
    • US direct Tax of 1798

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    An essential tool for anyone doing genealogical research in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. This book includes the General Census data for the years 1790 thru 1850, the 1820 Census of Manufactures, the 1850 Mortality, Agriculture and Industry Schedules, and the US Direct Tax of 1798. It is a soft cover, 165 pages and bound with plastic comb binding.

    Price includes postage, tax and handling charges.