The History of Albany Township Berks County, PA


  • Compiled By Arthur K. Klingaman 1973
  • 8×10 soft cover
  • Plastic binding
  • Printed on acid free paper
  • 32 pages
  • Price includes postage and handling.

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This soft cover 8×10 book has plastic binding and is printed on acid free paper. It is 32 pages and was written in 1973 by Arthur Kingaman, a genealogist and historian.

Mr. Klingaman wrote several different versions of the history, adding and amending as he collected more data. One version was published in the Quarterly of the Pennsylvania German Society, Vol 8, No 3-4 in September-December, 1974. In this edition ATHS combined three version of the history to make this the most complete account possible. The words are entirely those of the author.